Technology Integration


Orthopedic Ultrasound is an office based diagnostic system, designed to accurately diagnose "soft tissue injury". The major focus of Orthopedic Ultrasound testing has been the evaluation of joint pathology i.e. shoulder, knee, etc, however, other common applications include needle guidance and specific tissue pathology identification i.e. tumor, tissue mass, bone surface injuries, etc. Integrating our Orthopedic Ultrasound programs into your practice has been compared to building a pyramid.

The New "Technology Integration Pyramid"

Foundation of the Pyramid

Technician Services
The single greatest drawback of MSK testing has been its high technician dependence. That is where each of our programs begins. Each of our programs includes the services of a fully accredited Orthopedic Ultrasound technician who will perform the studies in your office. Each study will receive a "Wet Read Report" added to your patients file providing a summary of the most significant findings. An example of a wet read report might be as follows: "full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon located at the critical zone".

Radiology Reports
Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. works with the most highly skilled Radiologist and medical specialists to write every medical report. Each report will provide Clear, Concise and Conclusive information. Our experts have collectively provided more than 75,000 Orthopedic Ultrasound reports over the past fifteen years. When necessary, our physicians will appear in court as expert witnesses on your behalf.

The Middle Section

Diagnostic Instrument
Every Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. program includes a diagnostic ultrasound instrument from a leading manufacturer i.e. GE, Sonosite, Medison, etc. and will include a "transducer" designed for MSK ultrasound testing. The features of the instrument will vary depending on the needs of the practice. For example limited application capabilities are required for only needle guidance. More advanced technology is required to differentiate blood flow to a specific region or an associated venous component. Portability is also a consideration when bringing the instrument onto an athletic field or into a locker room. Once the needs are established an instrument will be determined.

Technical Expansion
DICOM/PACS (Digital Imaging and Communication in medicine/Picture Archiving Service capabilities enable images to be electronically transmitted with speed and clarity to a variety of sources including the Radiologist and central storage servers. The images can be recalled by authorized users from anywhere at anytime

Top of the pyramid

While the foundation of each of our programs is technically oriented, every investment requires a strong financial return. To that end we have created administrative systems for patient scheduling, prior authorization (when required), response letters to insurance companies, billing code numbers and billing terminology. In addition, your office will be supplied with custom RX pads for each treatment room and patient booklets explaining the testing procedures to your patients.

Practice Marketing
The addition of Orthopedic Ultrasound to your practice gives you a decided advantage over other practices. Orthopedic Ultrasound offers a number of advantages over other imaging procedures. For example, there is no contraindication to its use, studies can be completed in your office, evaluates body parts in motions, low cost of operation, etc. Your network of referrals such as other physicians, attorneys, workers compensation providers, insurance companies, etc can become an excellent source of imaging referrals.

Our Orthopedic Ultrasound pyramid is a constant reminder of the strength derived from building programs established on a strong foundation. The Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. objective is to maintain our leadership position in the field of Orthopedic Ultrasound and continue providing our clients with leading edge technology.

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Musculoskeletal ultrasound has become an increasingly important sonographic imaging technology over the past decade as it is an effective tool used in the evaluation and treatment of joint and soft tissue disorders. It can also be a significant additional source of revenue. Our Musculoskeletal Ultrasound solutions have benefited Rheumatologists, Orthopedics, Pain Management Physicians, Sports Medicine Physicians, Radiologists, Sonographers and Anesthesiologists. Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. offers complete, revenue generating, turn-key musculoskeletal ultrasound solutions for medical practices of every size. Contact one of our Musculoskeletal ultrasound equipment consultants to learn more about how our musculoskeletal ultrasound systems can help your practice grow.