What The Experts Say

"In ten years, ultrasound will account for more than half of all soft tissue imaging studies."

Barry Goldberg, M.D., Thomas Jefferson University

"If transient biceps brachii tendon dislocation is not present in neutral position it will remain undetected with standard MRI. Routine ultrasound evaluation includes visualization of the long head of the biceps brachii tendon within the bicipital grove in a neutral position."

Jon A. Jacobson, M.D., University of Michigan

"That ultrasound is a major factor in sports imaging was demonstrated at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Further research and technological advances will increase its acceptance, leading eventually to its acceptance as the "Gold Standard" in many aspects of sports imaging."

Doobie Lee, M.D., New York Medical College

"Reliable demonstration of full thickness rotator cuff tears using an ultrasound scanner has been reported in the range of 92 to 95 per cent. In some centers, it has virtually replaced Arthrography for cuff evaluation."

The Shoulder - Rockfield Matson (W.B. Saunders, Pub.)

"The utilization of ultrasound has progressed to the point at which almost 25% of all imaging studies worldwide are ultrasound exams. The World Health Organization recommends the use of ultrasound after basic x-ray and not CT or MR due to the wide availability of scanners."

Barry Goldberg, M.D., Thomas Jefferson University
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